When we first came home from the hospital and D was eating every 2 hours I would feed D in the living room. B is an extremely light sleeper and sleep is essential for him to be in a good mood  and hearing D chow down messed with B’s sleeping. Seriously, B could hear a mouse fart and wake up. I, on the other hand, sleep like the dead. 

Our tv is in the living room and I would turn it on to keep myself away and to at least hear adult conversations that didn’t revolve around sleeping/feeding schedules and poop. It was during one of my wee hours of the morning/ass crack of dawn feeds that I discovered Duck Dynasty.

I am about the farthest thing from the woodsy, outdoorsy, redneck type. I don’t do nature. Seriously, my family makes fun of me for once saying I hated nature.


Oh. My. Life. This show is hilarious!

Now that D sleeps thru the night Thank you, Jesus! I don’t watch late night Duck Dynasty marathons. I find this show so ding dang entertaining that I’ve set the DVR to every episode to catch up on the awesomeness that I missed before discovering the Robinsons and D and I watch an episode while he eats his first bottle of the day.

Even D likes the show. I don’t know if it’s a fluke or because he hears his Momma laughing, but even D giggles once or twice a show. Or it may be that the men remind him of his Daddy who likes to sport a beard once in a while…who knows.

Seriously. This show? Definitely worth a watch.

Hey! Check it out…Jack.


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