I am the oldest of four daughters with my youngest sister nearly 10 years younger than I am. All of us with vastly different personalities.

Growing up, I never appreciated having sisters and the different stages of life we were in.

All I knew is there was someone usually in the shower or in the bathroom when I needed to be. Four girls with one bathroom. You do the math…

Now that I have some life experiences under my belt and my sisters do, too, I wasted a lot of time not appreciating what we had. Back then I’m not sure I was capable of appreciating what we had and what kind of relationships we *could* have.

My youngest sister is in her junior year of high school. She and I are now able to have conversations about college and boys that I never dreamed we would be having.

My middle sister and I have been able to have conversations about her chosen career of nursing and her incredibly serious boyfriend she’s recently started looking at rings with. She feels comfortable talking to me about her issues/fears/joys about the stage of life she’s in. Let’s face it, if you haven’t wiped a grown person’s butt you just. don’t. get. it. 

The relationship that has changed the most is the one with my oldest younger sister. She got engaged in October and will be getting married in August. She and I have had more gut busting laughter in the past few months than we have ever had. She has bounced ideas off of me and asked my opinion on things.

Just today, M and I bonded over our shared obsession with fro-yo and talked like friends. She and I were able to talk about things she was going through and things I am going through. It’s amazing to have someone who has known you their entire life and really knows you. Who knows your personality quirks and knows what you’re trying to say when the words aren’t coming out the way you want them to.

Ten years ago I never would have thought it, but my sisters are now my friends.

And that I do appreciate.



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