Dear D,

Child, we have to talk!

I know in your 6 (!?!?!?!) short months on earth you’ve had a lot of different schedule changes to adjust to. For the first couple months there was no schedule. You slept when you were tired and you let me know when you were hungry. Once you could finally eat and keep it down… 

Then Momma was finally cleared to go back to work but we still did our own thing and only dropped you off at daycare at the last possible second on the days I worked my paltry 2 hour shifts 3 times a week.

Then I changed jobs and went back to work full time. You were up and eating at 5am, burped, diaper changed, chilling and waiting for Daddy to get you dressed when I walked out the door at 5:45am. Daddy took you to Miss Tamara’s until after work, you guys came home, you ate, we played, you had your last bottle, burped and were asleep in bed by 8pm.

And then came summer. Glorious summer! (I work for a local school system.) We had two amazing days off, just the two of us, the weekend off with Daddy and two more fabulous Mommy and D days off. You were still up at the butt crack of dawn (like your Daddy), but you were coming around to the joy of sleeping in a little. Momma found out I had to take a 3-day continuing education course and it was back to up early to hang out with Grandma before the entire summer stretched ahead of us. Freedom to spend our days together doing whatever we darn well pleased!

Then Daddy’s Grandpa died.

A few days out of town for the visitation and funeral with zero chance of even attempting a schedule or letting you do your own thing.  Once we got home you started going to bed between 8-9pm, sleeping 10-12 hours, eating a full bottle, ready to eat cereal and whatever veggies I fed you and drinking a partial bottle before crashing for a 2-3 hour nap. You would take another 30-45 minute nap or two throughout the day and be ready to go to bed and start all over again the next day.

You have been exceptionally clingy since we got home… starting to cry whenever I left a room or you couldn’t see me. I even had to take you and your exersaucer into the bathroom with me so I could shower Thursday and you still screamed the entire time I was behind the curtain and you couldn’t see me. Even with the clingy-ness you were catching up on the crazy sporadic non-schedule and figuring things out for yourself!

Or so I thought.

You went to bed last night at your regular time.

You slept all night and woke up around your normal time.

You ate your bottle, played and were ready for your cereal and solids two hours later.

You fell asleep like you normally do.

But you were up 40 minutes later.

D, I love you dearly. I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. An-ee-th-ing.


I was kind of planning on that 2 hour nap time to clean up the house, do some laundry, have some Momma time, maybe shut my own eyes for a few minutes, take a shower. I adore the extra time we get together today, but I smell.

Can we please figure out a schedule that works for us?

I love you to infinity and beyond.


Your (stinky) Momma


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