Photo Friday





I know I’m a day late and a dollar short on Photo Friday. Story of my life. Formula is insanely expensive. One more reason I wish breastfeeding had worked for us. Next week’s post is going to be even more tardy. Tia gets married Friday night and I’m going to need the entire weekend and then some… to recover, but I promise to post as soon as I can!


Gotta love D’s sleep acrobatics. This child is all over the place. Yet another trait he inherited from his Momma. 🙂


He looks so small in this photo!


Yes, that is a towel doing double duty as a blanket. Don’t judge. 🙂


Yes, that is a drool spot in the top right. He gets that from his Tia.


And another drool spot on the sheets.


It got so cold here in Michigan that I had to put D in pj’s!


And this is why his crib has breathable mesh bumpers.


Just chillaxing.

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He’s just so stinkin’ cute when he sleeps.


D tried to stand on his own, face-planted into the magazine rack and ended up with a bruise on his cheek. Poor baby.


The sun was in his eyes while in the car. He must have pulled his hat down and fallen asleep.


Such smoochable lips!!!

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Randoms from the week. 🙂


Mr. Bed Head waving hello.


Mommy prickly legs make for the perfect teething toy.


Someone doesn’t know that he should be SOUND ASLEEP at 11:30 at night.


My mom’s side of the family is notorious for having their eyes closed in pictures.


Sporting a forehead bruise from his standing adventures.


I’m very lucky he isn’t tall enough (yet!) to lock the door when I take the garbage out.


Someone was playing when he was supposed to be sleeping. Solid proof that D’s mattress does need to be lowered and I’m not asking B to do it just to hear my own voice…


These 6 month pants finally fir in the waist, but are way too short in the legs. Glad D has the opposite of my Short/Fat Syndrome.


Standing in the exersaucer playing with his toys wasn’t good enough. He needed to stand outside of it and play with his toys. Independent little turd. 🙂


I thought I was safe in the bathroom. Nope. D pushed open the door and decided to join me. Not awkward at all…


Mr. GQ


Fresh, clean, smelling good after bath time.

022 024 039 044

Best (free!!!) app ever. A hunky man of your choice reminds you once a month to do a self breast exam.


A delish way to relax on a Saturday night.


Hope you had a great week and an awesome weekend!


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