DIY Mommy Pick Me Up.

I’ve been feeling rather… blah lately.

The weather has been dreary, cold and super snowy in Michigan. For the last 6275682452 months…

Hubster has been working a 3-11:30pm 2nd shift for the last 6 months or so leaving me running solo 6 days a week.

Y’all, it is getting to me.

I’m feeling lonely, old, tired and more than a little frumpy.

It feels like my life and my house are just a hot mess.

The perfect storm of suck.

One night while I was browsing Pinterest in an attempt to stay awake long enough to see Hubs I came across a pin for a DIY shellac-esque manicure.

I love, LOVE, LOVE getting mani/pedis. Love it. But I can’t rationalize spending $50 every couple of weeks to getting my nails done. And I’m pretty sure an active, semi-destructive, climbing machine of a 15 month old wouldn’t exactly make the experience relaxing. And truthfully, as much as I absolutely adore my son, I spend 24/7 with D and there are days I need some me time.

This pin was amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it. I put D in the car and off to Sally Beauty Supply we went.

This Momma takes every opportunity I can to get out of the house!

Sally’s didn’t have one of the products I needed. I have been diligently calling Sally’s every Wednesday for the past month waiting to see if the out of stock, backordered had come in yet.


This morning I gave in to MIL’s incessant pleas request to spend a day with D to clean my out of control house and take a shower in peace. Oh a whim I decided to quick pop in to Sally’s to see if the last thing I needed was back in stock.

Miracle of miracles, they had it! (Cue Mommy happy dance!!!) I bought 2 bottles.

Nothing like the promise of some self-indulgent pampering to get my butt in gear to clean the house!