Quick and Dirty Update…Not THAT Kind of Dirty!

Sooooooo it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted.

Bad, Lo, bad!

Just like everyone else, life got twisted, turned upside down and time just gets away from me.

And now I have the Fresh Prince  theme song stuck in my head…

Here’s the quick and dirty run down of what’s been going on at Casa de Vino.

  • B had some kind of crazy, fluke breathing issue that has still yet to be diagnosed. Despite two ER visits 6 hours apart, an overnight hospital stay, pulmonary function testing and multiple doctor appointments. We’re waiting on a June appointment with a specialist to see what and if the next steps are for a diagnosis.
  • B got a promotion! He is back to first shift after 6-ish months on 2nd. And not a moment too soon for me…
  • My schedule changed. I’m still working 20-ish hours a week in D’s daycare, but I’m now working back to back days leaving me with a 5 day weekend which is absolutely nothing to complain about!
  • D is growing like a weed. I cannot believe he will be 17 months old on Friday. Seriously. How the hello did that happen? He loves cars, trucks, anything that makes noise and everything to do with playing outside. He talks a lot… just not in English. Which I’m actually pretty worried about.
  • In related news, those mother effing Matchbox Cars hurt like a son of a beach when you step on them.
  • My house is still a mess, but not as much as it has been in the past. I’m making a conscious effort to make picking up the house each night and actually folding and putting away the laundry more of a priority. *Those damn Matchbox Cars were a large influencer of the nightly pick up. Seriously, ouch!*
  • Spring seems to have finally sprung here in Michigan and we’ve had some b-e-a-utiful, sunshine filled days recently. Hallelujah. Can ingest an amen?!
And that’s about it at Casa de Vino.
But just one more thing.
Because it’s still running through my head…

My apologies. I can’t get the clip to auto play from my dumb phone…


You’re welcome. 🙂