DIY Mommy Pick Me Up.

I’ve been feeling rather… blah lately.

The weather has been dreary, cold and super snowy in Michigan. For the last 6275682452 months…

Hubster has been working a 3-11:30pm 2nd shift for the last 6 months or so leaving me running solo 6 days a week.

Y’all, it is getting to me.

I’m feeling lonely, old, tired and more than a little frumpy.

It feels like my life and my house are just a hot mess.

The perfect storm of suck.

One night while I was browsing Pinterest in an attempt to stay awake long enough to see Hubs I came across a pin for a DIY shellac-esque manicure.

I love, LOVE, LOVE getting mani/pedis. Love it. But I can’t rationalize spending $50 every couple of weeks to getting my nails done. And I’m pretty sure an active, semi-destructive, climbing machine of a 15 month old wouldn’t exactly make the experience relaxing. And truthfully, as much as I absolutely adore my son, I spend 24/7 with D and there are days I need some me time.

This pin was amazing and I couldn’t wait to try it. I put D in the car and off to Sally Beauty Supply we went.

This Momma takes every opportunity I can to get out of the house!

Sally’s didn’t have one of the products I needed. I have been diligently calling Sally’s every Wednesday for the past month waiting to see if the out of stock, backordered had come in yet.


This morning I gave in to MIL’s incessant pleas request to spend a day with D to clean my out of control house and take a shower in peace. Oh a whim I decided to quick pop in to Sally’s to see if the last thing I needed was back in stock.

Miracle of miracles, they had it! (Cue Mommy happy dance!!!) I bought 2 bottles.

Nothing like the promise of some self-indulgent pampering to get my butt in gear to clean the house!




So long, 2013

There are only a few hours left of 2013. I keep seeing people posting on Facebook and Twitter about 2013 being the worst year ever. The last year may have sucked, but you are around to celebrate a new year full of possibility, wonder and no mistakes. Is life really that bad?

Looking back, 2013 has had some definite ups and downs, but I’m going to end 2013 and begin 2014 with a roof over my head, more than enough food to eat, my husband and our son. I really can’t complain.

I was only awake to ring in 2013 because there was a 3 week old baby who needed to eat.

I had no complaints about the new year until January 7th. Our less than one month old son went to the doctor because Momma didn’t think something was right to being admitted to the hospital with a medical issue requiring immediate surgery. D’s recovery didn’t go as well as hoped and we spent a few additional days in the hospital. It was bittersweet to celebrate D’s first month birthday with him in the hospital, but the day before he looked me in the eye and gave me his first genuine smile.  

In February B and I had our first date night out since D was born. I had one glass of wine and a serious case of the tipsy giggles.

March had me cursing Michigan and the never-ending winter. D had his first sleepover at Grammy’s. I had the barfs and B had no more patience. Thank God for grandparents who all live 20 minutes or less away and are all willing to take D when his parents need a break!

In April there was a bomb near the finish of the Boston Marathon and our nation banded together to support the victims of the bombing and to find the people responsible. April was a busy month developmentally for D. He started rolling over on his own, started cereal and learned how to take selfies!

May brought a serious heat wave and D figured out how to roll with purpose and loved rolling under the coffee table and getting stuck under there and was sitting up on his own for extended amounts of time.

June brought summer vacation and 3 whole months with D. At his 6 month check D has finally double his lowest pre-surgery weight. B’s grandfather passed away after a quick decline due to dementia. Four years passed since my last grandparent passed away. D graduated from physical therapy after a diagnosis of torticollis (muscles on one side of his neck were shorter than the other making it difficult for him to turn his head to the left).

In July B and I celebrated our 5 anniversary, D learned to crawl and almost immediately started pulling up on the furniture and trying to stand on his own. D also earned his first black eye. ūüôā

August was insanely busy. In. Sane. In the span of 7 days my sister got married, D got his first teeth (after many a sleepless night) and B’s other grandpa passed away.

In September D started walking and got four more teeth. I got multiple emails advising me on the right time to lose my virginity. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! That ship has more than sailed…

In October I lost my job working in the local school system and I got a dream job working in D’s daycare. D discovered a love of veggies and decided sleeping through the night was a thing of the past. I missed taking pics of D in his absolutely adorable costume for his first Halloween when he threw up all over himself, his car seat and the backseat of my car on our way to go trick or treating. No photo proof, but definitely memorable! Not my proudest Mommy moment.

November and Thanksgiving brought around the last of D’s firsts. D got to meet his Auntie Rachel, my best friend from middle school who lives out of state. My bottomless pit of a son out ate me for the first, but probably not last time.

December. D’s birthday. D’s FIRST birthday. Be still my heart. His birthday comes a week after mine and 2 weeks before B’s Christmas Day birthday. We had a small family birthday party for D and he was is spoiled absolutely rotten!

I can’t believe my baby is a whole year old. Holy crap. This first year of his life and the entire year of 2013 have absolutely flown by!

Here’s hoping you and yours have an amazing, happy, healthy 2014!


Happy New Year from the Vinos!

Happy New Year from the Vinos!

365 and Counting

Dear D,

Monday was your first birthday. An entire year of being your Momma. 365 days of mostly pure bliss.

You’ve grown up SO much in your first year. You’ve gone from completely dependent on your Momma and Daddy to becoming an independent little man who wants to do it all yourself. From not being able to support your own head to a whirling dervish of motion and energy. Your mentality seems to be why walk when you can run. You are an inquisitive little thing. Every drawer and cupboard needs to be explored. You get rather irritated with the things that have baby proofed latches on them. They’re on there for your own good, I promise.

This first year has had some ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Your birth was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. Totally worth it.

D, you have brought me more joy than I ever imagined possible. You’ve frustrated me to the near end of my patience, too. That’s when Daddy knows to take over.

I definitely haven’t been the perfect parent, but I promise I’m trying my hardest.

You are the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my entire life and I’m so incredibly lucky to be your Momma.

I love you to infinity and beyond.



Three years ago, Thanksgiving week was the absolute, hands down, no doubt worst week of my life.

In the span of four days I was told I wasn’t going to be able to get pregnant without serious medical intervention and even that wasn’t a guarantee and then¬†my parents separated. My life was forever changed. My family I’d had my entire life was no more. The family I had dreamed of with B was taken away from me.

I didn’t know it was possible for someone’s heart to be shattered in to that many pieces and to hurt that much.

Three years later my heart is still scared and there are moments that my heart hurts so much I can hardly breathe.

Getting pregnant, giving birth to and the last (almost) year with my son have done a lot to put my heart back together. But being D’s Momma and trying to make sure both Poppa and Grammy get to see and spend time with D during the week and especially during the holidays and this years of firsts has made me painfully aware of how much my parents’ separation has messed with me.

I have so much to be thankful for every single day and I am blessed beyond measure.

Three years ago I¬†didn’t think B and I would be able to be parents. We are just over a week away from our son’s first birthday. omg. How is that even freaking possible?!

My parents are not divorced. They aren’t even legally separated. Three years later. Still.

I think this time of year is so hard for me because there has been no change in the status of my parents’ relationship. They are still technically married. There have been no steps (that I know of) to legally end their marriage.

There have been no steps toward a divorce or a reconciliation.

I know I’m just the kid and I have no idea the dynamics of their relationship then or now. I just know that for three years my three sisters ad I have been in limbo with no light at the end of the tunnel. All four of us have different thoughts and feelings on this whole mess. That’s been good for some sister relationships and detrimental to others. And I hate that. So much. So, so much.

They say time heals all wounds.

But it doesn’t make the scars go away.

Holy ish! I blogged!

My poor corner of the blog-osphere has been incredibly neglected.

A lot has happened since August.

A new school year meant I went back to work

And special education budget cuts meant I didn’t have job anymore.

D went from crawling to attempting to stand with less than stellar results.

Giant goose egg to go with his mostly healed black eye from an earlier attempt at standing. Oh, D.

Giant goose egg to go with his mostly healed black eye from an earlier attempt at standing. Oh, D.

And then all of a sudden he was walking.

Then running.

I was applying to anywhere and everywhere to find a job.

D was still in daycare.¬†We LOVE our daycare and didn’t want D to lose his spot.¬†

B was told he was going to be moved to 2nd shift.

I got the job offer of a lifetime. I now work 30 hours a week at D’s daycare. I’m basically a SAHM (stay at home mom) at someone else’s house with a few more kids. It is amazing and I love it.

Things are pretty great here at the Vino house.

But, I miss my husband.

B is scheduled to work 3-11:30p but he’s working an insane amount of mandatory overtime and not getting home until 1am or later. The pay raise and overtime are really nice, but I’m¬†lonely.

I love D more than words can express, but I need some adult conversation after work.

I miss having a partner to help with the parenting and all the things that come with being grown up.


I miss someone warming up my side of the bed at night!

But I don’t particularly miss B’s snoring!

Hope y’all are well and that Thanksgiving is full of food, family, laughter and love for you!




Holy Emotional Weekend

The word for the weekend is emotional.

Friday I got to watch my sister get married.

Sunday we said goodbye to B’s grandpa.

Got the news that he passed away 10 minutes from home.

Two months after B’s other grandpa died.

Talk about emotional highs and lows.

I can’t handle anymore emotions this weekend.


I can’t believe it’s August already!

August 2013 is packed with awesome, amazing adventures. My mom’s birthday is this month and my youngest sister turns 18¬†oh. em. gee.¬†


My sister¬†finally gets married!¬†It’s been a long, long 10 month engagement. I am over the moon that my sister is getting married and starting this adventure, but her OCD, Type A personality are not making being around her terribly joyous…¬†

I’m excited for August this year.

I’m hoping it’s different that August 2012.

I was in and out of the hospital most of the month.

During my second trimester of my wasn’t-supposed-to-happen pregnancy. The first time I was admitted for suspected appendicitis. I spent two nights on the surgical floor, just in case my appendix would rupture since my appendix was nowhere to be found on any of the imaging tests. I was discharged. It never ruptured. Thank goodness. But they never found it either.

I went back to work.

A week and a half later I was admitted again for extreme dehydration and nonstop ‘gastro issues’ after B found me passed out on the floor. I spent 5 days in the hospital trying to figure out what was causing my issues before it was determined I had an intestinal parasite and food poisoning.¬†And was put on bed rest until the parasite was gone. D was born in December. It was March before my¬†symptoms were under control enough to be released back to work.¬†¬†

Neither of those are experiences I’d like to relive.

I really didn’t think August was going to be an issue. August 1st took my by surprise and all of a sudden I remembered being in the ER and being told that they thought I had appendicitis and being pregnant could post some interesting risks for removal. I had flashbacks to being in the back of the ambulance and terrified something was wrong with my son and willing the contractions (from being so dehydrated) to stop. I have never been so insanely scared in my entire life.

August last year was rough. Emotionally and physically.

August this year is full of joy and celebration.

And I need to focus on that.

Long Overdue Photo Friday

Poor Photo Friday must be feeling so neglected. 

Life has been a little cray lately. 

D started crawling the weekend before he turned 7 months old.¬†I just realized that was 7/7. This kid must have something for repeated numbers… D’s due date was 12/12/12.

D has yet again, been on a sleep boycott. And I’ve started one of my own. Insomnia sucks.¬†Woman cannot survive on 5 hours of sleep a night and caffeine alone. Trust me, I’m trying.¬†

And life in general has just been busy. But who doesn’t have a busy life, parent or not?¬†Yay, Adulthood!¬†


D’s crazy sleep acrobatics. Some of these really crack me up!¬†

001 013 014 019 027 028 033 047 054 066 067 068 080 089 095


D has been so anti-nap lately that I needed to snap pictures of him sleeping to remind myself he actually does nap once in a while.

004 006 007 020 029 048 064


B is a HUGE Notre Dame fan. B’s Aunt Di gave D his first Notre Dame hat as a Christmas present. Seven months later, it finally (sorta) fits! The onesie says Let’s tailgate! Party at my crib. (Bring your own milk.)¬†Hilarious!

035 037 039 040


A week and a half after D discovered his ability to crawl, he decided to pulling up on furniture, toys and people was the next cool thing to do. I swear, this child is a daredevil. He crawled over to the couch, pulled up to standing, crawled up in to my lap, crawled up me and started crawling along the back of the couch. The BACK OF THE COUCH! Mr. Adventurous was really proud of himself. And really pissed when I took him off and told him NO!


008 023 025 070 083 088 091 092 100 104 106


My mother is doing some remodeling of her house and came across this gem. 

This is me. D definitely looks like his Momma!

This is me. D definitely looks like his Momma!




No big deal, just Daddy and D watching some sporting event sans shirts.

No big deal, just Daddy and D watching some sporting event sans shirts.


First time crawling over to Momma and standing up.

First time crawling over to Momma and standing up.

Mommy and Daddy had a night out for a wedding and D spent the night at G&G Vino’s for the first time. Too bad we didn’t get a pic of us together.¬†But not really… B’s jacket was awful. I have zero idea why he thought a blue plaid blazer was going to be a fashionable choice.¬†

It's amazing what a shower, doing your hair and putting on some makeup will do to one's self esteem.

It’s amazing what a shower, doing your hair and putting on some makeup will do to one’s self esteem.

I’ll leave you with one of my all time fave D pics. He had an adorable, huge, gummy, cheesy smile going on. And then he saw the flash.

D is not a fan of flash photography.

D is not a fan of flash photography.


Yes, I am the mom who doesn’t dress her child unless going out in public. Totally cuts down on laundry. Plus it was so. stinkin’. hot. in Michigan this week.¬†


Hope you had a great few weeks!

Photo Friday

D had a big week this week!

We went on a ¬†grocery shopping adventure and D sat in the cart like a big boy.¬†I’m too short to see over him in his¬†car seat¬†and there’s room for not a darn thing to put him in his car seat in the cart part.¬†I was going to wear him, but we got to the grocery store in the middle of a downpour that would. not. let. up. and I forgot the baby Bjorn¬†¬†in my haste to get us out of the rain. Oops. D LOVED it!¬†And I loved that the¬†safety¬†strap clipped right under his arm pits on the off chance he would lose his balance and couldn’t face plant in to the handle.¬†

015 016 017


D is loving eating baby food and gets upset if I don’t give it to him quickly enough, but his toes are still his favorite snack.¬†Yummmm, toe jam!

023 024 025

Eating my toes is so exhausting.

Eating my toes is so exhausting.


D finally decided that napping was okay again. Thank goodness!

002 004 008 010 011 013 018


His car seat is probably his favorite place to sack out. He falls asleep every. time. he’s in that thing.¬†006


Meeting his new friend, Liam, really tuckered him out.

And the weekly performance of Sir D. Vino’s crib acrobatics.


Practicing for school? I am SO not ready for that to happen!


A complete 180* turn from how I put him to bed.


Two nights in a row he’s slept with him bum straight up.


How on earth is that even comfortable?!

020 014 020

We had a fabulous time celebrating America’s birthday.

Red, white and cute indeed!

Red, white and cute indeed!


D sees the food...

D sees the food…

And is not impressed with how quickly it is getting to him.

And is not impressed with how quickly it is getting to him.

D enjoyed his time in the pool with Daddy, too!

That is one sexy tan line B is rocking.

That is one sexy tan line B is rocking.

Grandma changing the HEAVIEST diaper evah.

037 040 046


D even got some rather patriotic smooch marks from Tortilla’s red lipstick.

D loves his Tortilla!

D loves his Tortilla!


Summer is quickly becoming my favorite season. Getting to stay home with D and the summer produce is amazing in Michigan! Our fridge is filled with locally grown and organic corn, grapes, peaches, cucumbers, plums, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and cherries. Healthy snacks galore!

And Mother Nature has a sense of humor…

I laughed really hard when I saw this... And again when I put in the post. :)

I laughed really hard when I saw this…
And again when I put in the post. ūüôā


Hope you all had a fabulous and safe 4 of July and a wonderful weekend!