So long, 2013

There are only a few hours left of 2013. I keep seeing people posting on Facebook and Twitter about 2013 being the worst year ever. The last year may have sucked, but you are around to celebrate a new year full of possibility, wonder and no mistakes. Is life really that bad?

Looking back, 2013 has had some definite ups and downs, but I’m going to end 2013 and begin 2014 with a roof over my head, more than enough food to eat, my husband and our son. I really can’t complain.

I was only awake to ring in 2013 because there was a 3 week old baby who needed to eat.

I had no complaints about the new year until January 7th. Our less than one month old son went to the doctor because Momma didn’t think something was right to being admitted to the hospital with a medical issue requiring immediate surgery. D’s recovery didn’t go as well as hoped and we spent a few additional days in the hospital. It was bittersweet to celebrate D’s first month birthday with him in the hospital, but the day before he looked me in the eye and gave me his first genuine smile.  

In February B and I had our first date night out since D was born. I had one glass of wine and a serious case of the tipsy giggles.

March had me cursing Michigan and the never-ending winter. D had his first sleepover at Grammy’s. I had the barfs and B had no more patience. Thank God for grandparents who all live 20 minutes or less away and are all willing to take D when his parents need a break!

In April there was a bomb near the finish of the Boston Marathon and our nation banded together to support the victims of the bombing and to find the people responsible. April was a busy month developmentally for D. He started rolling over on his own, started cereal and learned how to take selfies!

May brought a serious heat wave and D figured out how to roll with purpose and loved rolling under the coffee table and getting stuck under there and was sitting up on his own for extended amounts of time.

June brought summer vacation and 3 whole months with D. At his 6 month check D has finally double his lowest pre-surgery weight. B’s grandfather passed away after a quick decline due to dementia. Four years passed since my last grandparent passed away. D graduated from physical therapy after a diagnosis of torticollis (muscles on one side of his neck were shorter than the other making it difficult for him to turn his head to the left).

In July B and I celebrated our 5 anniversary, D learned to crawl and almost immediately started pulling up on the furniture and trying to stand on his own. D also earned his first black eye. 🙂

August was insanely busy. In. Sane. In the span of 7 days my sister got married, D got his first teeth (after many a sleepless night) and B’s other grandpa passed away.

In September D started walking and got four more teeth. I got multiple emails advising me on the right time to lose my virginity. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! That ship has more than sailed…

In October I lost my job working in the local school system and I got a dream job working in D’s daycare. D discovered a love of veggies and decided sleeping through the night was a thing of the past. I missed taking pics of D in his absolutely adorable costume for his first Halloween when he threw up all over himself, his car seat and the backseat of my car on our way to go trick or treating. No photo proof, but definitely memorable! Not my proudest Mommy moment.

November and Thanksgiving brought around the last of D’s firsts. D got to meet his Auntie Rachel, my best friend from middle school who lives out of state. My bottomless pit of a son out ate me for the first, but probably not last time.

December. D’s birthday. D’s FIRST birthday. Be still my heart. His birthday comes a week after mine and 2 weeks before B’s Christmas Day birthday. We had a small family birthday party for D and he was is spoiled absolutely rotten!

I can’t believe my baby is a whole year old. Holy crap. This first year of his life and the entire year of 2013 have absolutely flown by!

Here’s hoping you and yours have an amazing, happy, healthy 2014!


Happy New Year from the Vinos!

Happy New Year from the Vinos!


Photo Friday

Photo Friday has pics from the last two weeks.

I promise I had good intentions of posting last week. Friday morning I got a (mass!!!!) text from my MIL telling us that B’s Grandpa had passed away.

Yes, a mass text. Seriously? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Who does that?!? Call me crazy, but that isn’t something I want to find out in a freaking text message. 

The past week has been a whirlwind of out of town visitation, funeral and spending time with the entire extended family. Definitely sucks that Grandpa is gone, but he was very ill and his suffering is over. It was a wonderful, beautiful tribute to a father, grandfather and great-grandfather who will be missed beyond measure. Love you, Grandpa. Give Grandma a big hug and kiss from us. Until we meet again.


My favorite picture ever. The only photo taken of the four generations of Vino men.

Grandpa meeting a 2 week old D Christmas morning and four generations of Vino men. <3

Christmas morning 2012. Grandpa meets D ❤


D’s crib acrobatics.








D likes to cover his face with the blankets. I am not a fan.







Ha, looks like he’s wearing a cape.





Booty straight up in the air!



Sweaty head. I uncovered him more than once but D was determined to be covered up.







Covered himself with ALL the blankets.

Napping baby.

Knocked out.

Knocked out.


Totally sprawled.

Totally sprawled.


D would not let me put him down yesterday. Poor guy didn't know up from down after all the out of town schedule changes.

D would not let me put him down yesterday. Poor guy didn’t know up from down after all the out of town schedule changes.

I big puffy heart this picture.

They passed out during Daddy & D snuggle time. Thankfully B showered before they fell asleep. :)

They passed out during Daddy & D snuggle time. Thankfully B showered before they fell asleep. 🙂


Adventures in cereal eating. He’s a true Vino man… D loves to eat- anything and everything you offer him. Even the jalapeno chips Daddy loves. Yeah.

He isn't smiling at me. He sees the squash.

He isn’t smiling at me. He sees the squash.


014 015

Seriously, Mom. Put down the phone and give me that squash!

Seriously, Mom. Put down the phone and give me that squash!

I will never feed D when he's dressed again. What a mess!

I will never feed D when he’s dressed again. What a mess!




I can't believe my baby is 6 months old already.

I can’t believe my baby is 6 months old already.

Just hanging out with Momma.



Hanging out at Daddy’s softball game.

021 022

Happy (Grand) Father’s Day!

fathers day

Vintage Father’s Day.



You’re welcome. 🙂


Hope y’all have a fabulous, safe, fun-filled, relaxing weekends!